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2161Genome Biology100WPlatinum
2162Annals of Botany92WPlatinum
2163Journal of Animal Ecology96WPlatinum
2164Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry93WPlatinum
2165Global Food Security94WPlatinum
2166Journal of Dairy Science91WPlatinum
2167Molecular Plant98WPlatinum
2168Plant Physiology96WPlatinum
2169Nature Plants97WPlatinum
2170Studies in Mycology95WPlatinum
2171Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease97WPlatinum
2172Food Hydrocolloids97WPlatinum
2173Soil and Tillage Research96WPlatinum
2174Urban Forestry and Urban Greening92WPlatinum
2175Marine Pollution Bulletin95WPlatinum
2176Biomass and Bioenergy92WPlatinum
2177Trends in Ecology and Evolution99WPlatinum
2178Trends in Plant Science98WPlatinum
2179Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety97WPlatinum
2180Current Opinion in Plant Biology97WPlatinum